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If you want to write professionally, writing SEO content is a great place to start. It’s profitable, easy, and even fun! Not only does it give you a chance to perfect your craft while earning money, but it also requires lots of research. You’ll come away more knowledgeable on everything from finance to medicine to obscure fields of law.

But because many writers first write for pleasure, they aren’t accustomed to writing about things that don’t immediately interest them. That requires research…but it’s not as hard as you might think.

Here’s a beginner’s guide for getting over that hurdle.

Focus on the Big Picture

First thing’s first: don’t expect to become an expert. People who write on the same topics for years might, but starting out, you won’t. Instead, wrap your head around the biggest concepts in the field.

For instance, if you’re writing about mergers and acquisitions, learn first what that means. What happens, financially, when two companies merge? Do they change departments around, move headquarters, or rebrand themselves? What does the government do?

You will learn more by doing. But first, you must build a strong foundation of knowledge.

Starting Your Research

It’s fitting for SEO blogging that the best place to start your research is often other blogs. If another writer explained mortgage credits or root canals or whatever, take advantage of it! Obviously you cannot and should not plagiarize, but these blogs can help put ground under your feet.

Another great starting point: Wikipedia. You aren’t in college anymore. That being said, you shouldn’t cite Wikipedia itself as a source; instead, look for sources cited within the article and explore those. These typically point to reputable newspapers or academic journals, the latter of which is especially helpful when writing for medical clients.

Put Yourself in Your Reader’s Shoes

When it’s finally time to write your blog, put one thing above all else: the reader. If they’re a nervous first-time homebuyer or medical patient, write simply, kindly, and succinctly. If they’re an experienced professional, don’t be afraid to embrace jargon and sound more authoritative.

Writing SEO will make you a better writer, teach you new things, and give any creative career a jumpstart! Whether you’re a recent English degree graduate, looking to make some extra cash, or both, consider a career in SEO blogging. You’ll be glad you did.

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