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As the world’s largest and most influential search engine, Google has become synonymous with finding what you want on the internet. More than that, its Google Ads program is an essential part of any serious business’ digital marketing strategy. But what you might not know is that getting the most out of Google Ads means working with a Google Partner like Final Piece.

New to the concept of a Google Partner? No worries. Read on to see all the ways that partners like Final Piece can help you cultivate a truly successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign and crank up that ROI.

What Being a Google Partner Means

Becoming a Google Partner is essentially getting the seal of approval from Google itself. It means that a company has several experts who have been certified in Google Ads, engage in ongoing training seminars for new updates, and grow their clients’ businesses in demonstrable ways.

It also means that you can trust your digital marketing agency. As a Google Partner, the company’s employees must pass Google’s certification exams. These change annually to reflect industry best practices and keep up with the search engine’s many yearly updates. In order to retain Google Partner status, the company’s employees must score at least an 80%.

Working with a Google Partner

Now comes the fun part: what you get out of working with a certified Google Partner. The most important and obvious benefit is expertise. As partners, our employees are well-versed in the inner workings of Google Ads, have experience creating and managing effective campaigns, and bringing in a return on investment that keeps our clients happy.

Google Ads has tons of features that the layperson may not be familiar with, but Partners have taken the certification test to ensure that they know what they’re doing. Ad bidding, conversion tracking, A/B testing… all of these are vital to the success of your ad campaign, and Google Partners know how to interpret those results.

Oh, and one other thing. As Google Partners, agencies often get access to beta versions of new updates and algorithms that Google is running. By working with a certified Partner, you can give your company an edge by staying ahead of the competition’s digital marketing strategy.

Start Seeing Results in Your Ad Campaign

Ready to see the results your ad campaigns have lacked? It’s time to seek the services of a Google Partner agency. Contact Final Piece to learn more about how we can help you reach more clients and convert ad clicks to paying customers.

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