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Our world is driven by images, whether it’s an ad, a social media post, or something on television. It follows that businesses should carry the same visual clout, and recent trends reflect the importance of visuals in a brand.

Stock images are so vanilla that they border on cheesy, and can endanger your brand if not used carefully. By presenting your audience with authentic visual representations of your products and services, you separate your company from its competitors! People remember what they see. How will they see you?

When we think of stock images, we usually think of stock photos: smiling business people, women laughing with salad, you know the drill. But custom graphics go beyond mere images, with cohesive color schemes and visual elements. They are a cohesive voice on your social media platforms, marketing materials, company website, and anything else your business touches.

Though they extend throughout your materials, website graphics are particularly crucial. For some, it’s their first time seeing your company. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and custom graphics show that you’re legit. They spark visitors’ interest and encourage them to explore your brand further.

How do you keep your brand’s graphics cohesive online and offline?

  • Uniform colors throughout all images and products
  • Uniform images
  • Customized message
  • Standard graphic layouts for images throughout social media
  • Cohesive layouts from website to marketing material

Custom graphics lend cohesion to an entire marketing plan. They establish your brand identity in a way the generic stuff can’t. Customers remember you, because your visual voice links your website with your other marketing materials.

Those other materials can be business cards, promotional items, in-store signage, brochures, and anything else you can dream up. Product and service information paired with unique, custom designs can make it easier for customers to quickly identify your brand.

Custom graphics are more than attention-getting devices. They establish your company’s brand identity and serve as authentic visual representations of the products and services you offer. An informative image can spark ideas where words fail, and create a positive impression that sticks longer than a slogan.

The eye and the brain are the pinnacles of human evolution, the sources of our most incredible abilities. Don’t they deserve better?