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Happy Holidays from the Kid Inside Me

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I think Buddy the Elf signifies what is inside a person. Honestly I believe that’s why the movie Elf resonates despite it being another Christmas movie with many of the same tropes and themes of any other Christmas movie.  That and the insanely funny Will Ferrell.

We want to be innocent again. We yearn for those days when we could experience things for the first time.

You stink. You smell like beef and cheese! You don’t smell like Santa. – Buddy the Elf

There’s a kid inside us all that would come out if it wasn’t for responsibilities like providing for a family, paying a mortgage, growing a business, etc.

I think that’s why the holiday season means so much to everyone. No matter what your religion, this time of year allows that little kid deep down to peek his head out. Even if it is only for a few days.

We spend so much time moving as fast as possible that we rarely take the time to sit back, reflect and appreciate our friends, family and clients.

I personally know that I wouldn’t be where I am today without those aforementioned folks.

  • My wife gave me the courage to step out on my own despite all the reasons not to do so.
  • My friends have supported me by sending me business whenever they can.
  • My clients have trusted in my vision for their business and chose to spend their marketing budgets on that vision.

2011 was a wonderful year for me, my family, my business and for many of the clients around me. There truly aren’t words to express my gratitude towards those folks, and I can’t do much more than offer this thank you.

I think that’s why I love Buddy the Elf so much. He doesn’t need to wait until the holidays to show how grateful he is for the people around him. He just does it all the time.

Hopefully the kid inside me will make sure I do that more in 2012. I know I’m happy to see him right now.

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