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The first question we all ask ourselves when choosing a line of work is – “How much does it pay?”

We all need to make a living, and no matter what we want to do we also have to get paid enough to live, eat, and maybe take out a nice lady 🙂

I started Final Piece because of my love and belief in social media. Plan and simple.

Just like many other smart marketing professionals, I believed that small and mid-sized businesses could compete with companies larger than them despite the lack of marketing dollars.

Now there are actually job titles with “Social Media” in them and employees across the United States that are making good money in those jobs.

Onward Search recently put together a social media jobs salary guide that outlines just what those jobs pay in various job markets across the U.S.

It’s beginning to look like you can get a great social media gig without having to start your own company to create said gig…

Although I can’t say it’s a bad way to go.

Social Media Jobs and Salaries Guide
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