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5 Free Social Media Tools I Use Everyday

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I use a lot of different tools for a lot of different clients in a lot of different ways.聽 I just wanted to give a quick shout out to those tools whom I use every day and couldn’t live without. Most of you probably use these already, but for any of you that don’t – I’ll be here all week 馃檪

1. TweetDeck聽– For awhile there TweetDeck had me worried as it seemed like I was having issues with old mentions and DM’s for a solid week about聽6 months ago.聽 Then came version 34.2 and I fell in love with the dashboard all over again.聽 It’s ease of use and simplicity had me at hello and I’ve been an avid user ever since.聽 I聽have a girlfriend on the side in聽HootSuite,聽for some clients, but have never fallen for聽her like I did with TweetDeck.聽

2. Social Mention聽– I can search user generated content across all social channels for free? Yes, please. I’m a big fan of anything that makes me more efficient and Social Mention analyzes content from almost all social media platforms and even offers up some basic insight and statistics.聽 It may not get the job done for extremely specific tasks but it sure does cut down on time for others.聽 And it’s fun!

3. Alexa聽– This site is sort of like the聽Griff Tannen of these five sites but it can sometimes be the most helpful in a application sense.聽 Alexa offers up a ton of great insight on any web properties you own and even some on ones you dont.聽 I especially love the comarison tab and top queries data.聽 I treat Alexa along with Google Analytics like they were part of the family.

4. Addict-o-Matic聽– Not only an awesome aggregate of social information, but it lets聽you create custom pages of the terms you are searching for! I love the name because this site is just that – addictive.聽 I view it as聽 my morning paper for each of my clients as I have that first cup of coffee.

5. YouTube聽– That’s right I said it – YouTube. I said this list was 5 Free Social Media Tools that I use everyday and to me it is a very valuable tool.聽 Just because it isn’t some site used only by social media nerds like myself doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a daily visit.聽 Whether it be for humor, ideas, tutorials or old sports clips – I’m there.聽 I think YouTube wears many hats and I am certainly an avid watcher.

What 5 Free Social Media Tools do you use everyday?

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