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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a fancy marketing way to say whether or not your website is ranking well in Google, Bing or Yahoo.

When someone types words into their search browser that relate to your product or service – you want your website to show up and show up near the top of the page.

At Final Piece we understand the on-site and off-site optimization necessary to make your website stand out from the crowded pack. A perfect mixture of keyword research, optimized content and coding is required to achieve the search engine results you want and need to grow your business.

Some practices we implement include:

  • Keyword analysis to determine heavily searched long and short tail keywords that best describe your products or services
  • Optimization of CSS/XHTML codes, titles, tags, and headers
  • Analysis of  on-site links, text, videos and images
  • Link-building strategies
  • Content Creation